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About M&U

Mille & Une was born after the initiative of Christina Sterling, an ambitious and creative young woman who has always had a strong penchant for entrepreneurship. With her creativity and passion for event planning, Christina Sterling is a leader who will realize and lead your projects beyond your expectations. She loves the challenge and will stop at nothing. The primary mission of her company is to go beyond your expectations! Event planning can be a stressful and a time-consuming process, Mille & Une has a thousand ways to lighten that weight off your shoulder and make your celebrations more enjoyable. A whole range of services is offered to you, going from coordinating the day of your event or organizing it all. Mille & Une takes care of everything you cannot do and transforms a simple idea into a reality. There is more than one reason to celebrate and a thousand ways how we can help you.

When is your next event?!


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